Dream, Waiting Moon

She was to marry the prince of the kingdom, although she wasnt sure that she loved him enough for this but so she had been told it was something she must do for her family. The woman was missing her family the moment she left behind. Probably never to see them again. After a week of living at her new hone she decided to explore. She was walking around the grounds the night before the wedding, her thoughts were else where she tried to hide them and think of better side to the situation, there was many but they were of much more importance. She was alone with her thoughts. She had reachrd the garden were she was interupted by a man who looked about the same age. He came over to her, leaving his place upon the floor where he had been planting some flowers. He noticed her 1st and had made his way quickly towards, his eyes locked to hers. Forgetting his surroundings. As he reached her he took hold of her hands in his and forced her to look deeply into his eyes. He had so much passion and for a woman he had never met.
“You shouldnt marry him”  was all he said “you should marry me” he paused but not long enough for the woman to responed. “Where should I meet you?” he stopped his gaze and thought to himself for a while. “Meet me there” he pointed to the low hanging full moon “the moon, if you dont come then i know who you have chosen” With that he released her hands and ran off towards the bushes at the back of the garden.
The next day. She had been up most of the night thinking of everything that had happened, everything that was about to happen, her head constantly relapsed everything. Was she making the choice to marry this man? She didnt know him, although she knew even less of the stranger. Here she was secure, her life was set, planned, she knew what was to happen, but did she want this? Was she wanting an adventure or excitement? She would be letting her family down if she went but they had let her go.
She was dressed in her  lace dress, ready and waiting. It was a lovely faint purple colour, with a very dark almost black band across the waist. She stood before the doors on her own waiting for the music that summond her to begin. This was her last chance to escape, all she had to do was run now before they called for her.
The doors still closed but music had began. Taking in a deep breath, she entered the room and continued to go along with the wedding, all long thinking of the strange man who she had left waiting for her on the moon. Weeks and months had gone past and she still thought about him everyday she cared for her husband but didnt love him although she could see in his eyes he loved her.
She hated that she felt as if she was hurting him, lying to him everyday of their lives but she couldnt help but wonder and question the life she couldve had. She knew what she had done was a mistake. She shouldve gone to him whilst she could have.


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